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Help, my computer is running slow! -> A few quick tips are to examine and check your machine for dirt and dust, a computer that cannot breathe will not perform well.  Solution(s):  Clean with compressed air.  Check to see what processes you have running upon the start of your machine via the Task Manager, you might have malware that is running in the background.

My operating system does not boot! -> There comes a time for even the experienced user that an operating system fails.  The question is, why?  Systems fail for a number of reasons and most of the time the consumer is at fault.  A computer doesn’t do anything that you don’t tell it to, unless you have malware on your system.  Solutions(s): Linux and Windows users can enter their OS Installation disc(s) and run various checks to fix system files (usual solution).  However, worst case scenario is failed hardware.  Have you made any changes to your system physically?  These changes can sometimes prevent all of your hardware from working together properly.  Un-do recent  changes and possibly re-evaluate the hardware you installed.  Lastly, sometimes a very infected harddrive can become fried and must be replace.

A new program I installed runs very slow! -> All programs have typical system requirements that your PC must meet in order for you to install, these requirements might not be for optimal performance.  For example, video editing software usually has modest system requirements for consumer versions; however, for your computer to get the most of the software in most cases you need more RAM than the “minimum requirements” state.  This is especially true when you are working with high-definition footage, your machine will have to load all of those clips into your editor, which is already occupying your systems memory.  So, this can be a taxing process without proper memory and graphics setups.

These are not all the solutions, just the typical ones that I fix on a normal basis.