General area of Dexter Johnson & DexJohn’s PC, so here are some common questions (Visit my personal site HERE to learn more):

Name: Dexter Johnson

Where do I live: In the U.S.

What is the purpose of DexJohn’s PC:  This blog is for any technological enthusiast that needs their nerdy thirst quenched.  I have loved tech my whole life; so now writing about the latest news everyday or every other day is easy and comes natural.  Whether you like Apple, PC, Linux, iOS, or Android you’ll definitely find a good read here.

What tech sites to I visit: My daily must gotos are ZDNet, PCMag, Revision3

Who are my favorite tech personalities: Kevin Rose, Alex Albrect, Leo LaPorte, Sarah Lane, Patrick Norton, and a host of many more.

What degree do I have and what do I want to pursue with it: I graduated in May 2010 with a B.S.B.A. in Management Information Systems, I want to grow in all areas of technology.  As of now, I am focused on creating content for the internet, because I see it as the biggest platform for growth.  Being well-versed in many areas of IT will help me obtain my terminal job position as CIO of a company.

What do I do: I am an IT Professional, who has consulted and worked for government institutions as well as private sector companies.

Favorite OS: Tie between MS Windows and Ubuntu Linux, Linux provides unmatched security and starts trends that are mirrored throughout the field; however, Microsoft is at the forefront of consumer PCs and Windows 7 is truly a remarkable piece of software.

Least favorite OS: Mac OS X. I’d rather build my own “Hackintosh” than buy their specialty “nonsense.”  On the other hand, when it comes to multimedia they tend to be the choice.

What do you do for fun: Learn and research about different operating systems, learn to use new software, edit images and video, repair computer hardware, consult on technological purchases, design databases, web-forms and applications; anything else technical….Sounds nerdy huh?

Proud member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, protecting YOUR rights in the digital world.


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