General area of Dexter Johnson & DexJohn’s PC, so here are some common questions (Visit my personal site HERE to learn more):

Name: Dexter Johnson

Where do I live: Inside of the internet.

What is the purpose of DexJohn’s PC:  This blog is for any technological enthusiast that needs their nerdy thirst quenched.  I have loved tech my whole life; so now writing about the latest news everyday or every other day is easy and comes natural.  Whether you like Apple, PC, Linux, iOS, or Android you’ll definitely find a good read here.

In short, I want any reader to feel empowered to utilize all of the technology surrounding us today.

What do I do: I am an IT Professional, who has consulted and worked for government institutions as well as private sector companies.

Favorite OS: Linux and iOS.

What do you do for fun: Learn and research about different operating systems, learn to use new software, edit images and video, repair computer hardware, consult on technological purchases, design databases, web-forms and applications; anything else technical….Sounds nerdy huh?

Proud member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, protecting YOUR rights in the digital world.


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Tech for the masses, meant to empower, educate and inform by Dexter Johnson.

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