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What if WebOS succeeded?

HP’s WebOS; was it really that bad?  The short answer is NO.

WebOS was actually an excellent mobile operating system that was just overshadowed by its rivals (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7).  Did it have stability? Yes.  Did it have fluidity?  Yes.  So, what was WebOS missing?  HP had poor marketing of the OS as well as a very small ecosystem setup for it’s end users.  In addition, the number of apps available to be installed on a device should not be the deciding factor when it comes down to purchasing a new mobile device because any market and/or app store will have the same productivity and big-name entertainment apps (Evernote, Netflix, etc).  So, is a fruit slicing game that important when you can get something similar?  For example, Android has counterpart apps that do the same as certain iPhone apps and vice-versa.  To be honest, WebOS had polished looks, excellent multitasking, and a decent array of apps.  However, due to poor marketing and a price-point that rivaled the iPad; it failed.

Bottom line:  If this mobile operating system had done a few things different maybe you’d be using a HP Pre or Pixi right about now, because it had all of the right tools they just were not implemented correctly.