Carrier IQ; Your phone is watching you!

News has been released that pre-installed tracking and logging software has been found on select Android devices and Apple’s iOS.

Does this really come to a surprise to anyone?

I am not surprised at all; however, I am relieved to find out that my rooted Motorola Droid X does not contain Carrier IQ.  First, let’s put this “malware” into perspective; no matter what we do in the digital world data is consistently being collected about us and we are being targeted as a customer in someone’s eyes.  Second, there is no type of technology that is not guilty.  There are mobile phones that collect our data, as well as computers, websites, and more.

On the other hand, in the grand scheme of things, it is frankly unsettling to know that your beloved, app-centric cellular device is sending information back to your wireless carrier.  Carrier IQ has been alleged to intercept the following:

  • Key presses
  • Call data
  • SMS
  • Web data

Honestly, that is everything that you would use your phone for.  However, there are ways to determine if you have this software embedded deep in your android device with a free app, Carrier IQ Detector, which was created by Lookout.  In addition, iPhone users, need to navigate to Diagnostics & Usage and check Don’t Send, which will not send diagnostic and usage data back to Apple.