No HTTPS in Iran?

The internet used to be a fun place; you would go online share information, buy gadgets, and go on with life.  Now, it seems that almost every government wants to shutdown anything that is free and widely available.  There are  talks that this country would even want to create their own intranet for the public to use.  Reasons behind this could be because information transmitted with https is secure and it seems that governments do want want anything to be sent or received that they cannot view.

There are several sites and applications that this can cause disruptions with:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Services
  • SSH
  • SSL
  • TLS

Bottom line:  The same thing that Iran is trying to create is similar to what China has in place; regardless of what tries to be done to stifle sharing and virtually eliminate free speech there will always be ways to work the system.  For example, you can always email tweets!