iPad 3? Should you buy it?

With the release of the iPad 3 right around the corner, many technologists are speculating if the purchase of the new device is even worth it.  Honestly, the iPad has everything that the consumers wanted from Apple, except full size ports and deleting the need for unnecessary dongles.  The iPad 2 was a decent upgrade from it’s first generation counterpart with the addition of front and rear cameras and slimming down of the hardware.  On the otherhand, with these upgrades in place, one can wonder what else can they(Apple) do to this device in order to charge another $500.  They might add Siri.  Wow.

Bottom line:  To buy or NOT to buy; that is the question.  Apple is doing their normal scheme of releasing virtually the same product with minimal changes, what will make up the iPad 3?  If the addition is menial, which would follow suit, then I suggest you be happy with your second generation iPad.