Windows 8; better than you think?

With the new metro tiled iteration of Windows being splattered across the web due to the recent Consumer Preview release eyes are on Microsoft.

The latest tests have shown that this copy is actually very responsive with a mouse and keyboard; one aspect that was thought to be lacking since Microsoft is aiming across the board at multiple platforms.  One important feature to make note of is that fact that the traditional desktop is still there and can be used just like Windows 7.  In addition, the more one looks at the Windows 8 platform it seems more and more like Windows 7 with a new “launcher” on top of it.  The core features will not change; yet the added features will bring more social media and apps right to your fingertips.

Get the Windows 8 Consumer preview HERE

Bottom line:  Don’t fret, Microsoft might be on to something.  To think — for a second I thought they’d lost it.