Microsoft Surface…things to note

The Microsoft Surface has been shown off to the world this week as a tablet with promise and one that could potentially be poised to take over a tablet market that is dominated by the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire.  However, could Microsoft actually pull off creating a tablet to bring it’s deserving mobile device running Windows 8 to the light?

What makes the Microsoft Surface (or any tablet running Windows 8) special?

  • It is Microsoft, the same company that has held over 90% of the desktop market for years and many more years to come
  • Unique interface
  • Intel-based tablets will provide a true desktop experience in the palm of your hands; something that an iOS or Android device will never match

What are potential downfalls of the device?

  • Price.  The Microsoft Surface running Windows 8 Pro will be in the price range of Ultrabooks; which are out of the tablet market.  However, the RT version should fall within the range of other comparable tablets; yet, the user will be limited to the Metro interface.

Bottom line:  If Microsoft plays it’s cards right they could have a real winner on their hands.  However, the pricing of this product with greatly determine it’s success.