Samsung Vs Apple; Why?

Recently, Apple has been more cutthroat in it’s ongoing battle against the Android ecosystem.  Although Apple has never filed an injunction against Google itself, primarily because of the fact that it would lose, it constantly engages OEMs that use the Android operating system on its devices.

No matter who wins this pathetic lawsuit (if anyone wins) the true losers are clear: US.  The consumers will lose because there will be less choice on the marketplace, which is exactly what Apple wants.  Samsung has taken the smartphone market by storm and has really shown the Android world that Samsung is the way to go.  However, although Apple has substantially better margins on the products that it produces it still wants to go after a company who is creating a product that is in the same marketplace as their own.  True technologists believe in competition; it is a shame that Apple is playing the victim when they have dominated for so long.

This entire case centers around the thought that Samsung copied Apple.  Remember this is the same company that told you you were holding your iPhone 4 incorrectly when you lost signal.  This company cannot admit when they are wrong and defeated.  Documents tied to Apple reportedly have the company making the statement, “Apple has identified dozens of examples where Android is using or encouraging others to use Apple patented technology.”  However, Samsung and other key Android OEMs has went to great lengths to differentiate their products to ensure that they do not infringe on any of Apple’s useless patents.  For example, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was temporarily banned because of a silly patent injunction.  It truly seems that Apple wants to try any underhanded scheme they can to take competition out of the market.  Honestly, at this point Google should step in.

One word: Pathetic.

Bottom line:  For a “computer” company, you would think that they could make money in many ways; however, the savior of Apple is iOS.  Steve Jobs left a selfish attitude at the company; however, Tim Cook doesn’t view the company exactly as his predecessor did.  So, we will see how future trials, if any, turn out.