Apple’s New Patent

This is probably the most pathetic thing I have ever heard, Apple has been granted a patent on the iPad’s original design – a rectangle with rounded corners.  To think that any sane person would consider this worthy of a patent is absolutely scary.  How about the guys inside of Cupertino’s lab patent the buttons on the thing as well?

The sheer audacity of this company is just disgusting and these are things that the great Steve Jobs preached?  Why?  If you are so confident that your products are superior in every way (marketshare says otherwise) to the army of competing tablets out there; why would you patent something so trivial and design essential?  Patent D670,286 will finally give some leverage to what Apple has wanted all along; yet, with tablets getting thinner and bezels becoming more curved does this design patent even still matter?

To some this is a win for Apple; however, since Apple decided to wage war on the technological world they have been feeling their own fair share of karma lately.  The California company was just ordered to pay $368 million in damages [Source:PCMag] over FaceTime patents to VirnetX; the patent in question involves using DNS to setup a VPN.  In addition, there are more cases that they have been losing around the world, one of which forced them to place an apology on their website.  In fact, their first attempt had a snide remark in it so they were forced to re-post, seen below:

Bottom line:  All of this fighting simply has to stop; when will Apple learn that you cannot sue everyone without getting hit with the same tactics and losing.  My suggestion to you, Apple, start innovating and stop crying.