Unlocking now ILLEGAL?

Guess what technologists?  Unlocking your device — that’s right — your device that you paid for, is officially illegal.  When will all of this legislation end over a device that we pay for?

First, an enormous objection was made when we began to root and jailbreak devices.  Now, the same is happening for unlocking a device if you would like to move to another carrier.  More legislation does not help consumers; it does nothing more than hurt the market by denying the customer the right to do as they please with a device that they paid for.

iphone-tips-unlock-iphone-editedIt is understandable that the carriers subsidize these phones so that in turn we pay for using their network (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or other).  However, if these networks and services are not up to par in various ways, then why do they deserve to keep customers?  Let’s get the facts straight, if you wish to leave a 2-year standardized wireless contract you will pay a cancellation fee — is that not enough.  Now, you will be forced to jump through hoops to unlock a device that is legally yours.  On the other hand, the DMCA states that there is enough choice in the market now that it shouldn’t matter whether you can unlock or not.  It appears at the end of your contract you can ask the carrier to unlock it for you — if they don’t, should you take it into your own hands?

Bottom line:  This is about principal.