Battery Technology

Smartphones have become almost a necessity in this fast-paced, technology driven world that we are in.  Coming in a variety of screen sizes, storage capacities and shapes it is almost a smartphone for everyone.  Then you have your choice between Android and iOS devices, that is another argument altogether.

Let’s start off with the thing that you look at, the screen.  The display on a smartphone is the main component that drains battery life and it seems that every manufacturer places a “retina” display or Full HD display in their device.  Meanwhile, this is retaining the same battery technology from yesteryear.  In fact, there are rumors that Samsung is working to produce a 4K resolution handset.

That’s right 4K.

There is not even a significant amount of people who actually own 4K televisions, so where would you enjoy the content that you caputure from the 4K camera that will also be smashed into the device?  Only on your device.

Next, let’s break down processors that get faster and faster every year.  My first Android device, which was a Motorola Droid X, has a 1 GHz single-core processor — my current device, Nexus 4, is running a quad-core processor.  Although, mobile processors have advanced significantly over the years with battery saving technology built in — it still misses the point.  A bigger and better battery is still needed to push our devices with these larger screens containing more pixels all day.


There is no one person that I know, who is a smartphone owner, that does not either have a car charger or have the need to charge their phone at some point throughout the day.  Owning the Nexus 4 has been great because I can go all day without charges; however, many suffer throughout their days with their phones almost always needing to be tied to a power outlet.

Bottom line:  Given the above information is factual, it appears that the technology placed in batteries needs to advance more along with the components that they are powering.  With a majority of high-end Android devices having 1080p screens, better batteries are a must to keep their owners content and the device being used to it’s full potential in many situations (eg. Until the device owner goes to bed).