ASUS Nexus Player First Impressions

The Nexus Player by Asus and Google….is it a good device?  Or is it a great device?  First impressions are everything and one thing to note is that the UX is unbelievable.  Simply navigating through menus and available content is a breeze and very refreshing.  One thing notable about navigation is that it just makes sense.  There is absolutely little to no learning curve when it comes to using and operating the device – pick up the remote and go.

Content is something that will come.  Android TV is a new platform for developers to take advantage of; however, one notable addition out of the box is Hulu Plus, which Google TV never got.  The new Android Developer Studio makes it easy for developers to create applications for all screen sizes with ease – so let’s not freak out about this.  In addition, the selection of apps upon release is not bad at all, with a plethora of games and the media apps that are most popular, you will be fine.

The remote is another story.  Upon my first hands-on feel, this thing feels like it was made by a child.  Looking at the remote is one thing, pleasing; however, manipulating the screen with the remote works; yet, sometimes it is creaky and honestly feels cheap (this may be the break in period as I didn’t notice it too much after extended use).  Pairing the remote control is a breeze and happens almost instantaneously and you are ready to use your Nexus Player.

Full review to follow after more time.

Bottom line:  This is a great device that is a wonder to use.  With Google at the forefront the Nexus Player shines.  Overall rating of 8/10