A Smartphone is a utility device (Rant)

What do you use for smartphone for?  Gaming, social networking or just texting and calling — perhaps a plethora of all of the above?  Well, for whatever it is worth a smartphone, in my opinion, is only a utility device and when and if it stops making my life easier, I will have to find another device that can do so.  I don’t game and I do not spend endless hours on social networks. Today, there are so many people that have smartphones that do not utilize any of the following:

  • Social networking apps
  • GPS Navigation
  • MP3 player qualities
  • Use of anything requiring data in general

For those that meet this criteria, my question to you is:  Why do you have a smartphone to begin with? For those that simply want to talk and text and simple feature phone or flip phone (although a bit archaic at this point) can fully meet your needs.  Smartphones come at a cost — a learning curve albeit, that learning curve to technologists is small or non-existent, let’s not forget the older generation or people who simply do not enjoy the technology that these devices have to offer. Bottom line:  The next time someone wants a new phone and asks for suggestions remember that a smartphone is a great device and fits the requirements for many if not most people in this technology driven world; however, for some, easy of use and simplicity is key.