GBoard for iOS, simply amazing

So you’re looking for an unbelievable typing experience? Look no further than GBoard, by Google for iOS.  Combining swype, Google search and ease of use, this keyboard is heaven-sent.


As with most apps on mobile operating systems, installation is quick and easy — GBoard is no different.  On iOS you are greeted with setup screens which guide you through the proper ways of granting the app the needed access.  From there, the app is setup and ready to use.  In fact, I’d go the extra mile and remove the English keyboard (usually set as default) — this can be added again later if you want.  (Note: Password entry is still limited to the iOS stock keyboard for security purposes.)

Day to day use

Nothing short of a dream.  Coming from a generally superior typing experience on Android, the iOS stock keyboard has always been missing something and other keyboards that I tried just missed the mark.

If you’ve felt the same way, GBoard is for you. One of the best typing experiences on a mobile platform, ever.

Bottom line: Usually I give some middle of the road answer.  There is no middle road here people, download the app.