The Year of Retro Gaming

Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Master System, 3D0, Turbo Grafx and more! Playing older consoles, collecting for them and learning more about the older classics has become a thing with rising prices and huge followings.


Video game have been part of culture for some time now and with many of the generations that were first introduced to gaming growing older, they also been the same group that wants to collect from the time of their childhood. Why? Because these games are truly fun and marked the humble beginnings of franchises we see today. Remember those games that you traded in at EB Games when you were younger?

Bet you want them back now, huh? Not only is reliving your younger years fun, it can be quite expensive due to the fact that some systems and games were released in limited quantities, creating a smaller supply and an absurd resale market in the year 2018. Want a copy of PowerStone 2 for Dreamcast? Hope you’ve got an extra $100 laying around. Want a copy of Pan card Dragoon Saga for Sega Saturn? Sure!? That’ll be $600, please.

Where are the games?

Retro Gaming is essentially any console before the 6th generation (PS2, XBox, Dreamcast and GameCube), although a few people, myself included consider these retro. Games are all over the place, eBay, garage sales and locally.

More and more cities have retro gaming stores. Unfortunately, due to demand, online price guides and more, prices are pretty steady in most circumstances unless you’re buying a wholesale lot or getting a steal from a random yard sale you just so happen to pass.

Final Thoughts

Collecting, playing and enjoying older games is here and is here to stay. From exploding markets and arcades popping up everywhere you’re bound to either know someone or be a collector yourself. My key takeaway as a modest collector myself: Enjoy it.