Reminders for iOS — Why I switched.

To-do lists, calendar apps all help you get things done and complete things on that worrisome epherial checklist. But that app or service you use will be different for everyone — is there a best? Maybe, maybe not.


I’ve used a handful of these apps over the years with TickTick, using Google login, for the longest. Additionally, I’ve have run-ins with Wunderlist as well which is simply bloated and not beautiful. An app should be functional, easy to use and easy on the eyes.

Enter Reminders for iOS…


Reminders is not just a reminder app, it’s for maintaining to-do lists as well to keep your organized. Any tasks or item can have a “Due Date”, which will force it into the composite “Scheduled” list on the day that the item is due. Additionally, look and feel of the stock app is heads over heels better than most third party devices. With lists that look like lists and an interface, which looks extremely open and useful — the end user gets a great experience.

Bottom line: If you haven’t found the “right” to-do app, give Reminders a try — it’s been right there all along.