Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Impressions

This is the best Android device you can buy right now — end of story.

This impressions article will focus on the larger of the two phones (Note 10 and Note 10+), hereby referenced as Note 10.


Samsung has been a staple in the Android ecosystem, most of the time leading the charge. Things that I looked forward to the most when taking a look at this device were the cameras and it’s screen — neither disappointed.


One word — sleek.  The Note 10 is a truly edge-to-edge, 6.8″ AMOLED Gorilla Glass 6 display.  The colors are bright, the blacks are deep and the viewing angles are superb and in usual Samsung fashion (Samsung makes some of the best, if not the best displays in the industry) this display is phenomenal.  Additionally, the fact that the device has no notch at all — instead we are greeted by a pinhole front-facing camera that almost blends completely in with the display.

Source: The Verge

As with usual large screen Samsung devices you’ll get app-pairs, which are still limited to certain apps that you can run side by side and in usual Note fashion — the excellent stylus, Samsung’s S Pen.  New features for the S Pen come this year, with  gestures (backed by a SDK) which enable holding the S Pen and flicking it in certain directions to achieve certain actions on screen.  A new feature is that text written in the notes app by S Pen can be transcribed and even searched.


In my test shots with the Note 10, pictures were extremely crisp in indoor conditions as no outdoor photos were captured with video looking much better than in years past (with iPhone retaining the title as best video on a smartphone).  The triple lens camera array provided solid results and a largely comparable experience between each of the sensors.

Below, see a camera test putting the Note 10+ versus the iPhone XS Max:

Source: The Tech Chap

Overall, using this device is simply a dream, it’s fast, stable and a pleasure to use.