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Rumors kill current devices!

You cannot buy the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 without hearing talks of the S8 — you can’t purchase a new Apple Watch without hearing rumors for the Apple Watch 3 and so on.  When are we going to learn to appreciate the devices that currently help us out in our daily lives rather than wish them away with rumor after rumor?  A rumor is exactly that, a rumor — it could come true or it could all be a pipe-dream that is often created by those simply looking for page clicks (yes, you know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourself!).
For example, typing “iPhone 8” into Google search yields the following text and image-based results:
Sure, we are all excited about what the future holds for all of our favorite technological gadgets; however, if we never sit down to be thankful for what we currently have we face an even bigger problem — being forever dissatisfied and letdown.
In short, live in the now and enjoy your devices while you have them!