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Moto 360 STILL runs Android Wear

Is the to be released Moto 360 an aesthetically pleasing device?

You bet it is; however, is all of the hype really worth it? Especially when the device will run an operating system that we’ve seen, touched and have a wealth of experience with already.

Personally, I’ve had conversations with people waiting on this device like it will offer a drastically different experience. Sorry to crush your dreams….but it won’t.  Android Wear as an operating system for wearable devices cannot be manipulated by OEM (thankfully); so, the differences between the Moto 360, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live will be minute.

Moto 360 shown running Android Wear.
Moto 360 shown running Android Wear.

Bottom line:  “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  The Moto 360 is a fantastic device; however, it will not make or break Android Wear.

Quit whipping it out…..Android Wear is here!

Smartphones have become a staple in the typical “busy” person lifestyle.  These neat little devices help manage our contacts, calendars and ultimately our lives.  With such powerful peripherals at arms reach one cannot help but to pull their device out for a quick check.

What if you could reach in your pocket less?  What if you could receive notifications that keep you plugging throughout your day that are unobtrusive and don’t make you seem rude to people you may be talking to?

The day is here.

Android Wear was officially introduced at Google I/O 2014 and this platform is looking promising from the very beginning.  Android was essentially built around the premise of multitasking and notifications that allow you to get a glimpse inside of applications on your device without the constant need to open one up.  Android Wear gives you the ability to see all notifications on your wrist and take action on them.  This added convenience is certainly a game changer and the industry has taken notice.

Bottom line:  The perfect companion to your smartphone is here.  It is officially time to free your hands from your pockets and have notifications in your face that are easily managed and there when you need them.

Definite buy.  Get Android Wear [here].