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Technology & Life — 2016

It is July 2016 and in a world filled with smartphones, smarthomes, smartcars and smart + INSERT DUMB THING HERE, there are mounds of technology that are at our fingertips that our ancestors would’ve loved to have been able to take advantage of.  We can communicate with friends and family across the world or country in minutes via Skype or FaceTime, publish a video that can be seen by millions on YouTube and have your car drive itself on the interstate — what a world we live in.
However, “with great power, comes great responsibility”.  We have all of these things at our realm that can help us; however, it can also be a hindrance if we do not seek our real people and real conversations instead of gallivanting on-line in forums.  Not only must we try our best to retain those real life moments (in moderation) we must also not allow technology to put our lives at risk (ie. using Tesla’s autopilot while sleeping at the wheel — a huge “no, no”).  Technology is great and as someone who’s life is largely influenced by it, I can see the huge overwhelming benefits of taking advantage of it; however, we must also not allow it to control us — if it doesn’t make your life better, then discard it.
Bottom line:  The technological advances that we see today are simply too much to act as if they aren’t great influences, I strongly suggest you utilize the tech around us to help make your life better, easier and more fun while ensuring that you aren’t putting yourself or others in danger.