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Obama vetoes a Samsung win?

Politicians and technology…..the two should never be used in the same sentence.  Why?  Because typically, politicians are completely oblivious to things in the technology world.  Now, President Obama is known for being a technological president (he carried a Blackberry) and I salute him for that.  However, taking a court win from Samsung to let Apple get suing companies behooves me.

obama_iphoneEssentially, the president vetoed an import ban that was given to Samsung regarding a few Apple devices (iPhone 4S, iPad1 and iPad2).  This win for Samsung has came after Apple began the patent war on anything that is non-Apple.

Is this a loss to Android?  No.  Samsung?  No.  But, due to this turnaround the tech giant lost $1 billion of it’s worth in market value.

Bottom line:  Politicians….please stick to making laws and making the country better.  This isn’t your lane.