Is Online Privacy a Thing of the Past?

With our data being pinched at by every company under the sun, many just assume that there is no such thing as privacy on the internet anymore. Is this over-generalized statement true? Yes and no. There is privacy to be had online, the key to obtaining it is to not use the web or interact on social media. That means no Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for you. Not only can you not use social media, how would you like to stop using cloud services such as Dropbox or your favorite and arguably the best email service, GMail.  If you fret … Continue reading Is Online Privacy a Thing of the Past?

Google collects your data? No surprise here.

Google the search behemoth has been in recent headlines because of the new unified privacy rules that will span all of the services offered by the company.  However, the hubbub is over data that it is collecting about the users they serve. Don’t all services and companies that offer FREE products to an end user collect some type of data? All companies do this:  Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and more.  So why trash the name of Google when everyone in the industry is doing the same thing.  Google makes most of its profits by serving relevant ads to you based … Continue reading Google collects your data? No surprise here.