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Motorola to sue Apple

Within the past two years Apple has tried to sue virtually any Android manufacturer that they saw as a threat. Apparently, competition isn’t a belief that Steve Jobs founded his multi-billion dollar behemoth of a company on.

Now, a big name has stepped up to the plate against Cupertino and this means war.  Could we use Motorola and Google interchangeably here?  Possibly.  However, Motorola is still its own entity that operates under Google.  Motorola is a wireless patent goldmine.  Although, Motorola may not own the “illustrious” slide to unlock or pinch to zoom, let’s round up a patent that they believe Apple is infringing upon. For example, Apple devices can sync data between themselves, such as bookmarks, messages, and more. Motorola is big on wireless technologies — not shapes and looks. These are standards that have been set across an industry. Some can even argue that they actually matter more.

I sure do.

Bottom line:. Motorola suing Apple sounds like the perfect idea for a company that wants to sue everyone else out of the marketplace. I call it their just desserts.