iPhone 5, why it isn’t that great

Apple, a company known for making beautiful looking and innovative products are equally known for entrapping customers in their ecosystem and releasing incremental upgrades that you “have” to buy.  The iPhone 5 is exactly that, an incremental upgrade that honestly is not that great.  Why? Let’s start off by getting the facts out of the way.  Apple has the largest app collection on the planet, top-tier developer support, recurring users and devices that look like they should be walking down the runway.  On the other hand, with all of these facts that they can tout; they still do not have … Continue reading iPhone 5, why it isn’t that great

Foxconn turnaround?

When you think of factories what comes to mind?  Surely not over worked and under-compensated workers, right?  Most of us know that employees of factories work hard; however, in most circumstances the hours are fair, at the least.  On the other hand, this is untrue of Foxconn, an electronics manufacturing company that has its headquarters in Taiwan.  They have been involved in several controversies regarding treatment of their employees and now Apple is stepping in. Tim Cook has paid a visit to the Apple supply chain and brought along the Fair Labor Association to audit work conditions.  However, Apple Inc. … Continue reading Foxconn turnaround?