What’s On My Wrist — An Apple Watch Review

The Apple Watch, some view it as a fashion piece, others view it as a great notification center that allows for your phone to stay in your pocket thus making you more productive.  In addition, some view it as a tool that should be used almost as a standalone device itself — either way, wearable technology is here to stay and this is one product that does a lot good while being slightly confusing at times, too. Build Quality: The Apple Watch comes in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm in 3 materials: aluminum for the Apple Watch Sport, stainless steel … Continue reading What’s On My Wrist — An Apple Watch Review

Fitness should be at the forefront of my smartwatch!

Android Wear is great, it really is. But why on earth is fitness tracking an afterthought? Especially when these devices are becoming more and more expensive! Why does a fitness band at $90-150 dollars do fitness way better than a device, which has fitness companion apps, yet costs upwards of $400?  Not only could OEMs include GPS so that runs could be triangulated, the app developers could do a better job at showing us fitness details about ourselves.  As noted on the Android Central Podcast (Ep. 254: New toys, old grievances), people that want fitness should just get a fitness … Continue reading Fitness should be at the forefront of my smartwatch!

Apple Watch Initial Impressions

In a reactive move Apple Inc. has officially released a beautiful new product line called the Apple Watch.  This device will pair easily with your iPhone to display notifications, make mobile payments and make your life easier — or so the company says. However, the interface seems too difficult to use. Let’s take a step back and remember that this thing sits on your wrist and should require minimal attention and touching in order to initiate a task or act upon an actionable item — this doesn’t seem to be the case. Of course time will only tell how users … Continue reading Apple Watch Initial Impressions