Android Vs iOS

This has to be one of the most heated debates in the cyber-world….  Let me start off by saying that I am typing this post on my Motorola DROID X.  iOS is another attempt that Apple is making at trying to dominate a sector of the industry. Although, there was a time when it did….Android currently makes up 49% of America’s marketshare.  Apple is insensitive to its consumers and forces them to download and buy  only what they see fit… from a company that has success because of the consumer the smart thing to do is to make sure they are happy.  All of these new features that iOS 5 boasts about having are features that Android has been having and currently has in use. On the other hand, I guarantee that Google will not file a lawsuit since so many features were stolen!  Open-source will always reign supreme over a company that only sells its software with hardware, hence why Apple will never have majority in the PC market.