iPad 3 Coming Soon!?

Honestly, will the Apple iPad 3 really be more of a device that you use on your couch versus your workplace?  I currently use an iPad(1st generation) at work.  The primary uses of the device are to take notes and now receive and manage all of my email since Outlook’s configuration files have gone awry on my desktop pc.

I have mixed feelings about the product to be honest.  Yet, since we are being honest here Apple has created a fantastic product; however, the launch cycles of this company highly irritate me.  They seem to be irrational with their consumer.  For example, every device they release seems to have shortcomings that are identified by the general public then are later resolved, but to think the problems would’ve been addressed before production and by determining what the public would like to see.

iPad – 1st Generation

  • No camera
  • Thickness
  • No advanced VGA output
  • No USB port

iPad – 2nd Generation (resolved those problems)

  • Resolved the camera with front/back cameras respectively
  • Thinner and lighter (not by much)
  • VGA seems to work with every app, not just with a video or presentation
  • Still lacks usb support (input)

Apple honestly fixed a lot within a year then re-released the product for the same price that users “just had” to buy.  The incentive for me to own a tablet isn’t very high, unless I can control the file system and have access to everything (Android-based tablet).  On the other hand, when they are released the typical Android tablet that has good features and high processing power tend to be costly.

So, the iPad3 if it’s features are superb will probably continue to dominate the market, thanks to it’s loyal culture of fans, but don’t think that Google will sit around and let it’s tablets fall to the wayside.  Everyone doesn’t need an iPad, but in those cases you can use one of the Google-powered tablets…

Check out this article that explains why Android will gain significant marketshare: http://scobleizer.com/2011/06/15/why-android-will-gain-huge-tablet-marketshare-later-this-year/