Tablet CRAZY…or are they just bigger smartphones!?

Is it just me?  Or is the boom for new tablets on the market still going strong?  Will the iPad remain as the standard?  Are tablets REALLY that productive?

Since the emergence of Apple’s iPad, there have been numerous attempts to create something more powerful (has been done) and something that is more intuitive (hasn’t been done).

Does Apple really have competition in the tablet market?  My answer is Yes & No.  There are some areas that Apple initially got completely outclassed in, such as power.  The first-generation iPad was fast however there were other tablets that were released shortly after that integrated more powerful processors.  So, why didn’t Apple’s marketshare in the “Tablet Department” fall.  Easy answer, App Store.  Although the iPad might not be the most powerful or support the most number of inputs to the device it was built a community in the App Store.  More developers write code for Apple mobile devices than any other hence the large difference in the number of apps on the App Store(500,000 apps) and Android’s Market(250,000 apps).

The second generation iPad is very polished, so when the new Galaxy Tab is released Android will have another strong competitor.  However, would you have an iPhone, iPad and MacBook?  I certainly wouldn’t.  So, an important piece of data I would like to collect is: Do tablet owners also have smartphones?  I almost see this as being counter-intuitive, because even if I have an Android smartphone and an Android based tablet I would be running the SAME apps.  Similarly with Apple and iOS.

Bottom line:  First, the technology being put into these tablets is impressive to be packed in such a snug device.  iPads are definitely at the forefront due to brand loyalty and an impressive App Store.  Android is in the running, similar to how they toppled the iPhone empire in the United States.  However, could they do it in the tablet market as well?  Reports conclude that over the course of the next few years that Android will become the number one tablet OS.

Next, I don’t see the point of having a larger version of my mobile phone….that CAN’T make calls.  iPads, Galaxy Tabs and Motorola XOOMs are all beautifully created and meticulously designed pieces of hardware; however do they serve as nothing more than 5% work and 95% plaything?