So, you’re still using XP?

Windows XP was truly a remarkable operating system from Microsoft.  Not only did it completely demolish previous versions in terms of usability, stability and performance.  This system was also very secure.

However, it is 2011; Windows 7 is out (Windows 8 is brewing).  Windows Vista was a bust with poor usability, slow start-up times and a decent interface.  Windows 7 changed it all.

When Vista was released I bought a brand new Acer Aspire laptop and the operating system came preloaded.  However, it was slow to start; but at least it was pretty right?  Many people I knew actually still had Windows XP on their machines because of its unrivaled security and stability.  However, the advent of Windows 7 changed all of the minds of those that thought Microsoft couldn’t create another great operating system.  On the other hand, for the company that revolutionized the way that we use personal computers, you should’ve expected them to bring a clean, polished system after the demise of Vista(similarly to how XP was received after Windows ME was put on the back-burner).

So, XP user do not fret, this is not Vista nor is it ME.  As a user who switched back from Ubuntu Linux, I was blown away by the beautiful design, ease of use, secure functionality and sheer speed of this system.

Bottom line:  Secure, stable and easy.  Windows XP is dated(granted still good) and a refresh of your OS and possibility your hardware could be great for your productivity.