Apple = Scared of Competition

Every day it seems like Apple Co. is pushing for a ban on this and taking legal action on that!  Why?  Well, since Apple already has a laughable 12% in the PC market, no wonder they are fighting for their slumping mobile market because it is the ONLY place where they can keep up(and lately they’ve been doing a terrible job at THAT as well).

When the Apple iPhone was first released there was a tremendous amount of early adopters, while everyone else hopped on the bandwagon post App-Store.  For the next few years Apple dominated the mobile scheme, Windows Mobile was terrible and lacked features while it seemed Apple had finally found their niche.  However, what is a market without competition?  Nothing.  Microsoft competes with Apple and Linux on the desktop side of things, while Apple would now compete with the rising Android OS.  Android had several things on it’s side though:

  • Built on Linux
  • Not limited to one carrier
  • Not limited to one device
  • Advanced multi-tasking

Apple could boast on none of these things, except for the fact that they had cute little apps.  Android continued to surge and has taken over the mobile market, currently holding the top spot in the US.  How could this be so?  Every carrier has their flagship Android devices, while Apple just ported the iPhone to Verizon(a better network, that should’ve had the device in the beginning since AT&T proved incapable of maintaining).

In addition to the iPhone, Apple released it’s big brother, the iPad.  The happened to be the EXACT same device with a larger screen that you couldn’t talk on.  It rose to popularity;however, the competition rose to the occasion and created equally and in some cases more powerful devices to compete.  So, why can’t Apple handle competition in the market?

Bottom line:  Apple wants to succeed in something, so why not start pushing everyone, who makes a superior product, to the wolves if they get frightened?