Netflix….Price shifts?

The popular video streaming service Netflix has made some announcements that might cause backlash from their large subscription base.

Rising prices and plan changes.

Netflix has had combined services that packaged unlimited streaming with 1, 2 or 3 DVDs out at a time.  Unfortunately, myself as well as other subscribers have received notices of an inherit price increase due to the separation of the streaming and DVD delivery services.  Honestly, a one dollar price change wouldn’t have been that bad; however, when the total price of your plan could potentially rise by five dollars, there will be some raised eyebrows.  For this reason, as of yesterday I chose the streaming only option, which happened to be the main service that I used anyway.  The DVDs that I did get sent would get watched and then proceed to sit on my DVD shelf for around a month, so this option was second nature for me.

But what about the other users?  Will everyone follow the same path I chose?  Netflix has a great service, but when a price spike comes along from nowhere you can expect nothing more than to see consumers raging.

Bottom line: I didn’t get mad or upset.  In addition, I didn’t call Netflix customer service demanding answers.  I simply subscribed to Hulu Plus, now I will have the largest streaming library of greatness coming straight to my TV.  Netflix is still an excellent service with an unmatched library of instant-stream options at an unbelievable price, ditching it now would be a mistake, especially since they are expanding with help from NBC Universal.