Are OSes being dumbed down too much?

Thanks to the invention of the Apple iPad, the world believes that everything should be an app and that your desktop should look like a children’s playground.  This is not how business professionals see it.  Being a power user, I enjoy a daunting task on one of my PCs every now and again.  With the advent of latest Mac OS X update, Lion, it seems like you can flush technological goodness goodbye, right?


Meet Windows 7, not only is this operating system easy and fun to use, it does not look like my 6 year old niece should be able to access anything in my system.  However, let’s not argue with Apple’s marketing strategies here, make a product (iOS) that succeeds and why not run with it.  We all know that Apple has the LOWEST PC market-share and the only thing that they have created is a successful mobile campaign so why not port that?

Windows 8 is supposed to be taking on this “tile” theme, however, unlike Apple, Microsoft will not make that the only way that you can use the system.

Bottom line: I am all for having an easy to use system; yet, a computer is a sophisticated machine, it is only so dumb that you can make it LOOK before you hit it’s nerves.  Win for Microsoft.