Tablets Under $500

With the rise of the popularity of Apple’s 1st and 2nd generation iPad devices, the market wanted to see more affordable devices for a different type of consumer.  One that wasn’t an Apple fan-boy.

Let the Android tablets roll!

Not only are Android tablets affordable, they are also just as powerful than their Apple counterparts.  One major pro that and Android based tablet has over Apple is that it is not limited to one hardware manufacturer.  Today, I looked at several tablets online by Archos for under $250!  That is half the price of an iPad2, which doesn’t have a native HDMI port or USB port or a massive internal hdd.  Terrible huh?

The winning factor of Android tablets is that they are just a versatile as an iPad; yet, they appeal to a different demographic that doesn’t want to have those constraints that other manufacturers force down consumers throats.  Some consumers argue that Android doesn’t care about the tablet market due to the lack of tablet specific apps, well my argument is that if a regular Android  app will run just fine on the larger screen dimensions, then why change it?  Apple can be met in every spec in the tablet market, this is exactly why their share has significantly dropped since the beginning of the year.  However, we are yet to see an Android based tablet with a truly remarkable screen that completely blows away the iPad.

Although, I do use an iPad during the day, I am admittedly an anti-Apple person, if the manufacturers of Android tablets beefed up their screen resolutions I wouldn’t be as hesisitant to purchase a Wi-Fi tablet over a laptop.  Yet, that is another argument for another day.

Archos 7″ Android tablet for $279, others also available on TigerDirect