Thank you Google!

At the beginning of the week I was surprised to see an email that read that Google would buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.  Not only is this a great move on Google’s behalf, it will really shake things up in the mobile sector of the industry.


  • Over 25,000 patents gained
  • Hardware company at Google’s fingertips

Google has been the “Cinderella” OS of sorts, because it began small but it started to gain more and more market share.  People simply began to grow tired of Apple, thinking that they own the industry.  Apple has to be the most cocky of all technological companies.  On the other hand, their cockiness comes with their great innovations; yet, no matter how great the appear to be they still only manage to capture a small sector of the computing world.  Although, when it comes to the mobile industry after Google’s big purchase, I see it being an all out war between iOS and Google’s Android.  WebOS and Windows Phone 7 just do not stand a chance after this…..and let’s not forget about the struggling Blackberry OS.

Is it time to throw in the towel?

Winner: Google