The End of WebOS

HP’s WebOS is finally dead.  This comes as a huge surprise to me.


Let’s face it but WebOS was no iOS or Android, but when it came to a beautifully presented and stylized mobile operating system HP nailed it.  The user-interface of WebOS was beautiful, the aspect that held this mobile operating system back is that there was no initial “call to action” or need to have it.  When I first heard of the Palm Pre and initially got to go hands on with the device, I was mystified.  It completely blew my Samsung Omnia with Windows Mobile 6.5 away.  WebOS multi-taksed in a very controlled way that didn’t cause terrible slowdowns or random crashes.

WebOS Downfalls:

  • Released initially to one carrier
  • Released on one device
  • No large fan-base

Bottom line:  It is sad to see HP give up on WebOS, but for now this is the end.

2 thoughts on “The End of WebOS”

  1. One other reason for the death of WebOS is that HP is giving up on the consumer market and moving towards the Enterprise market.

  2. True, it is really sad, Apple is very inventive; yet, one reason why I cannot fully support them is because I feel like they are trying to dumb down the market…. I am a tech nerd a kiddie iOS interface doesn’t impress me.

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