HP’s WebOS is finally dead.  This comes as a huge surprise to me.


Let’s face it but WebOS was no iOS or Android, but when it came to a beautifully presented and stylized mobile operating system HP nailed it.  The user-interface of WebOS was beautiful, the aspect that held this mobile operating system back is that there was no initial “call to action” or need to have it.  When I first heard of the Palm Pre and initially got to go hands on with the device, I was mystified.  It completely blew my Samsung Omnia with Windows Mobile 6.5 away.  WebOS multi-taksed in a very controlled way that didn’t cause terrible slowdowns or random crashes.

WebOS Downfalls:

  • Released initially to one carrier
  • Released on one device
  • No large fan-base

Bottom line:  It is sad to see HP give up on WebOS, but for now this is the end.