Censoring the Internet?

S.O.P.A. or the “Stop Online Piracy Act” is a bill in congress that could potentially change the way we view the internet forever.  It will not be the same free place that it is now, but it will be similar to the “internet” that has been butchered by other countries.

Basically, ISPs could be ordered to prevent its subscribers from obtaining data from certain IP addresses of off-limit websites.  For example, if there is a “pirated” movie being streaming online, whether it was or not, could be blocked.  “Pirated” is in quotes because it is hard to define, simply because who will determine whether it is infringing on a copyright or not?

This is yet another sad attempt in trying to bring piracy to a halt in cooperation of the RIAA and MPAA.  Will piracy ever end?  To be honest, answer is no.  However, so many artists and movies could thank piracy for their vast popularity.  Artists and studios should not be mad at those that obtain their music because companies rob them of more money than pirates ever will.

The techniques that would be used to take block this information from the customer would be similar to tapping a phone and would require complete reconstruction of some networks.

Bottom line: This infringes on the customers privacy because packets would have to reviewed at a very deep level.  Also, the ISPs would have to spend a vast amount of money to block the content, there is no guarantee that all will ever be blocked.