Set top boxes…worth it?

There are several set top boxes that an enthusiast can choose from.  Some may want to completely cut the cord, as I did, or some might want to simply enhance their entertainment experience.  Below are just a few:

  • Roku (what I currently own)
  • Apple TV
  • Google TV
  • Boxee Box

I am a firm believer that a set top box can help you significantly lower or even eliminate a pesky cable bill.  Why?  The answer was simple to me, the only thing I need from my already expensive cable company is the internet.  I will use a quote I once heard, “If I can’t stream it, I don’t watch it.”  This definitely holds true to me as my daily television consists of YouTube vidoes, Netflix, and HuluPlus.  When living a typical work lifestyle it is difficult to put down everything and watch a network show when your cable company tells you to.  So, why not have access to tv shows and movies when you are ready?  The cost of a set top box is a one time fee that will lead you to media freedom later; you really pay for exactly what you want.  All I want is Netflix and Hulu, so $15 per month is nothing compared to $100 plus for  dozens of channels I wouldn’t waste a second on.

Bottom line:  Cable is done and providers know it; don’t get locked in.  This investment will prepare you for the future and with all of the options to choose from; there is a box right for everyone.  Happy picking!

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