WebOS to be open-sourced!!

Open source fanatics rejoice!  HP is not killing off WebOS; they have decided to open-source it so that others can take advantage of this wondrous mobile platform.  HP president and chief executive officer, Meg Whitman, believes that this will increase creativity from the open-source community and advance a new generation of apps devices.

Read the full article from PCMag Here.

I am thrilled that WebOS is not dead; of all the mobile platforms that are available, this happened to be stable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.  There are no significant road blocks that lie ahead of the road that HP is taking.  In addition, the HP Touchpad will be available on December 11th via the company eBay store for $99 (16 GB) and $149 (32 GB) for the respective refurbished models.  So, this adds to the intelligence of their business move; open-source the OS, then sell a fantastic tablet at a significantly reduced price.  This will put WebOS into many eager hands that are likely to develop and push this platform forward.

Bottom line:  Good move HP.