Sales ban on iOS products in Europe?

Well Apple, you started it and Motorola will certainly finish it.  Apple believes that everyone is stealing their wonderful ideas that they put into their precious iOS devices; so, they decide to go to court.  Honestly, if your device is that much better it would outsell the competition right?  Android has came from behind to become the top used mobile operating system.  Not saying that Apple has not built an excellent OS; however, Google has done it better by focusing on distribution and not keeping everything locked away.

Apple has sought to get Samsung and Motorola devices banned in several countries overseas.  Recently, Motorola has proven that Apple has indeed infringed upon them instead of the latter.  Currently, mobile devices from Apple that have cellular networking infringe upon Motorola-owned patent 1010336.

Bottom line:  Apple, let your operating system do the talking.

2 thoughts on “Sales ban on iOS products in Europe?”

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    I have also been on the anti-Apple bandwagon for a while. I picked up a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate phone to replace my Iphone 3GS. Now, I will never go back. I can move files and pictures around easily. I don’t have to worry about ITunes messing up my phone synch.
    I have also been considering a tablet. From what I have seen in differences between Android and Apple, there is now way that I am going to overpay for an Ipad 2 when I can get more functionality and freedom.

    Farewell Apple!

  2. I completely agree with you. Currently, I use a rooted Motorola Droid X and plan on purchasing HP’s Touchpad as my primary tablet; currently I use an iPad for work. However, since WebOS has now been open sourced HP should not be counted out; they will definitely create a stir in the marketplace. WebOS has a beautiful UI and great multitasking capabilities.

    However, on the Android tablet side I have been looking at the Toshiba Thrive and the Acer Iconia Tab models just to give you a few ideas. In addition, the Touchpad can dual-boot between WebOS and Android.

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