2011 Technology Year in Review

2011 has been a great year for the technology enthusiast to say the least. There have been many things to grace our eyes and ears that we have seen; some we haven’t seen. We have heard talks of Windows 8, iPhone 5, Android 4.0, legal battles and more. However, what was the biggest deal?

Apple fans are probably some of the most unique people around, there were iPhone 5 mockups and rumors since the release of the original iPhone 4; however, what did they receive? Iphone 4S. Shocked? I was primarily because this “big deal” wasn’t that big. Sure the hardware was allegedly faster but the thing that sold the phone was a plaything named Siri. Siri is a flawed personal assistant that is limited; yet, it allows the user to implement the device in unique ways without using keypresses. On the other hand, is it enough to rant and rave about especially for those that already have the iPhone 4? Certainly not and let’s not talk about iOS 5 that ripped off of every other mobile OS; yet, this is the company that likes to sue everyone else.  On the other hand, Apple must be doing something right because their loyal fans are sticking by them.

Microsoft, the dominator in the PC industry for years, has been working hard on a next generation operating system for desktop and tablets. I am a beloved Microsoft fan, Windows 7 is by far the best desktop operating system that I have ever used (Yes, I have used them all). Although, Windows 8 just scares me. Everything is not meant to be on a tablet, as I have stated before: Tablets are ruining the market. Why? Simply because everyone wants to cater to these under-powered, over priced playthings. The good thing about the new OS is that it is basically Windows 7 running underneath; yet, is it enough to grab the enterprise attention to upgrade? I doubt it – there are many companies still running Windows XP. We will need to see more of how they are tailoring this operating system for desktops; Microsoft I am waiting because I don’t want to see it fail.

Google and Android have been sweeping various markets for the past few years but especially in 2011. Android 4.0 has been on the radar for months and now it is finally at our fingertips; but is it a little underwhelming? Currently, Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) is available on one device, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. However, there are hundreds of Android devices available today; will your device receive the update? Probably not. I have a Motorola Droid X and I am almost certain that my device will never see past Android 2.3.3; good thing is that I am rooted. Android fragmentation has been a problem for some time now, even I will admit that. The issue is that Google promises to keep a device up to date for 18 months when the average contract is 24 months. On the other hand, we can’t blame it all on Google when we each have money hungry carriers that want you to upgrade more than anything.

Then you have the rumors of the technology world that never cease to come from every corner, some are believable and some are utterly ridiculous.  First, let’s start with the Canon 5D Mark III that the world is yet to see; however, they revealed the Canon EOS Movies concept which was exactly what we wanted.  Next, iPhone rumors never stop, from seeing case designs that look realistic to some that I wish were in Photoshop for 10 more minutes.  Lastly, operating system rumors; all platforms from mobile to desktop.  There are countless screenshots that are posted on a daily basis displaying what the next great thing is.  All in all, this is what keeps the technology world spinning- thoughts and innovation and as technology nerds we love it!

Bottom line: 2011 has been an interesting technology year to say the least, time will only tell what 2012 will bring.