Chrome keeps pushing forward

As a long time Mozilla Firefox user it is always good to see competition in the marketplace; however, it irks some when a browser that has problems with page renderings at times can best a veteran.


Admittedly, I am a fan of anything that Google produces; I even signed up to receive the Chromebook.  However, the Chrome browser is so light on it’s feet that that fact prevents it from doing everything that it should, like displaying the web — correctly.  The browser wars really began to heat up in 2011 with Chrome collecting vast amounts of the market every quarter.  On the otherhand, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has been losing ground although the last iterations have been improved substantially.

So, what keeps Chrome in the forefront?  A small footprint, fast update cycle, and satisfying the masses.  However, we have seen Firefox adopt a similar update cycle and reduce the browser’s RAM consumption, which really makes a difference.  With these changes, Firefox could be on the upswing seeing that it gained market share in Q4 of 2011.

Bottom line:  Chrome will continue to grow; however, as with Android some needed tweaks about successful platforms should be implemented in order to stay relevant. Until then, to Firefox I will remain faithful.