SOPA and PIPA…No more; For now.

SOPA, the bill that threatened to shatter DNS and break the internet as we know it has been halted until greater consensus can be made.  Some might think that it had something to do with the large blackout that was in protest to the bill on the web; however, when analyzed the bill was poor to begin with.  So, did SOPA ever have a chance?


SOPA and PIPA are NOT dead though, they are just dead in their current state.  In order for the bill to actually not shatter the internet it would need to be revised by people that KNOW the internet.  Not a suite full of elder congressmen.  Will the people that know the net best be summoned to Washington, probably not.  I do not see a bill like this passing for the foreseeable future, primarily because it will not settle anything without breaking an infrastructure as we know it.

Over 75,000 websites were blacked out on Wednesday, including Wikipedia and Google.  In addition, 4.5 million people (including myself) signed the online petition.

Bottom line:  It is good to see Washington listen to the people that it is supposed to serve and protect.  Just remember you can protect copyright holders; but it is unfair to potentially damage the structure of the internet to save a dying industry that is hungry for every dollar it can get it’s hands on.  All content is moving towards the web; there is nothing that the government, MPAA, or RIAA can do except adapt to the shift in times.