Apple and textbooks; Why?

Apple wants to get into yet another market.  Is anyone surprised?  By now any technologist should come to grips with the reality that Apple wants to take over your digital lives.  Will this dream become a reality?  Doubt it; especially as long as you have Android defeating them in the mobile sector and Amazon defeating them with the Kindle.

However, Apple has a tendency of making whatever they do look really good.  Until now.  Apple has released iBooks2, which will allow users to download and interact with books on iPad devices.

There are several reasons to why this may not be a good move for Apple, Inc.:

  • The user has to have an iPad, which might not bode well for a 7 year old elementary school child with no income
  • The iPad devices, while excellent for retrieving cloud-based data, do not fare too well in direct sunlight; limiting the overall time and place settings where the reading of these digital books can take place
  • iBooks Author app is a complete scam that locks publishers into an agreement with Apple that cannot be reversed (once an iBook is submitted it becomes property of Apple Inc. regardless of whether or not it is approved)

Though, there are reasons why it is not a good move for this company; a common fact about technological entities is that they usually force users into accepting certain traits about products without too much backlash; however, when it does occur, it is severe.

Bottom line:  Stick with Amazon, these early signs do not bode well for the iBooks2 platform.