War against the web! Censoring Twitter?

Freedom of speech, our governments may not give us a lot; however, this is one thing that must be upheld.  Twitter, the microblogging network, will begin censoring content automatically.  The last time I checked, a blog is not something that gets censored; it should be raw, unbiased content coming from the publisher.

So why does it seem like no one wants to play nice with social media?

Primarily, the extent to which your incoming and outgoing Twitter streams will be censored will depend solely upon the country that you are in and the laws that rule it.  For example, the client may not allow a tweet with copyrighted material to go public, certain persons may not be able to speak on a certain subject, and more.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Music and movie downloads
  • Court injunctions regarding what you can speak on

Bottom line:  Twitter said it best, “The tweets must continue to flow” (From Article Twitter begins censoring content: How this will affect you)They will flow; however, they may never see the public eye.