Virtualization on a closed system?

As we all know the Mac ecosystem is similar to Fort-Knox, they want no one in and will only give you access to what they see fit.  So why is it that Microsoft allows this competitor of theirs to virtually run Windows systems inside of OSX?

It seems odd that a company that has already bailed out Apple one time continues to help their ecosystem thrive. 

To make matters worse, Office could possibly be landing on the iPad soon.  This situation as whole is a little unsettling; does this mean that Apple will one day take the shackles off of some of it’s iOnly software and components?

Bottom line:  The PC/Tablet markets are competitive; don’t give your competition leverage.

2 thoughts on “Virtualization on a closed system?”

  1. Good question. From a technologist’s perspective putting these open systems into closed systems makes the closed systems more useful. I think the real question is what makes the iOS devices so compelling that these solutions are even desired by consumers vs the native experience of the open systems.

    The open systems guys need to find a way to make their systems more compelling to consumer.

  2. Exactly. I certainly do not appreciate the fact that everything is being tailored toward a device that you have to jump through Apples hoops in order to achieve a full experience.

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