Nokia is #1 for WP7

Nokia has officially been deemed the #1 manufacturer of Windows Phone 7 devices.  This certainly comes as a huge surprise for some, since they haven’t been manufacturing WP7 devices for that long and other companies have had a year or more time to fully put themselves into that market.

Samsung has the ONLY WP7 device on Verizon’s network, so for the thousands of users that choose VZW as their carrier this would be their only choice.  However, with other carriers increasing their WP7 lineups such as T-Mobile and AT&T we have seen HTC get involved more heavily with large screen sizes and 16 MP cameras.  Yet, it seems that design and name prevail in this fight because the Lumia series devices have proved to be the best designed and the only devices to have a real push from the manufacturer.

Bottom line:  This is exactly what Windows Phone 7 needs to succeed, they have had little to no backing; no wonder few people know or want to know about this ecosystem.  Once the user gets going they can really start to love this beautiful mobile OS.