LulzSec Taken Down?

The FBI has officially taken down members of the hacker group LulzSec with the help of one of their own.

Was I against LulzSec?  Not necessarily; however, this hacker group is certainly different from Anonymous hacks (primarily DDoS), which would be against government agencies perceived as doing wrong (those that supported SOPA, PIPA, etc).  The most infamous LulzSec hack would be taking down Sony’s PlayStation Network.  The group left PSN in shambles for nearly a month and caused many security concerns, such as exposing users credit card information.  This was done for seemingly no reason; however, Anonymous seems to try to show some “patriotism” with their hacks while LulzSec would hack just for fun (lols or lulz).

Bottom line:  Good riddance LulzSec.