The “new” iPad thoughts

People hate to admit it; however, when you provide such a build up for something great and you get less that what was expected; you’re always let down.  Honestly, it seems that Apple has been letting me down lately.  First, I am not an Apple fan; however, I am a huge fan of technology and it’s progress.  Yet, it seems like Apple loves to release a product that is seemingly the same as the previous generation, add a few new features, and sell it at full price.

Notable features that are in the new iPad are it’s beautiful retina display, 4G (something that many believed Apple would never adopt), and improved quad-core graphics processing (not the actual device CPU).  It is certainly safe to say that the next iPhone will have 4G capabilities as well.  While some might scoff at the fact that this product looks exactly the same as the previous model the iPad is still at the forefront of the tablet market until someone decides they’ve had enough.

Contenders for the crown:

  1. Asus Transformer Prime
  2. Acer Iconia Tab
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  4. Upcoming Windows 8 tablets (will bring power and a small form factor to your hands)

Bottom line:  We might have been disappointed at the fact that the product looked the same; however they did improve the specs.  Let us see how the rest of the market reacts.