WiFi Tethering and Carriers

WiFi Tethering, carriers offer it but they charge those that use it.  True, tethering is a service; however, when the data you are using has ALREADY been paid for, it makes less and less sense.  Our smartphones can do great things — one of those is to become a mobile hotspot in a time of need.

Many early free tethering apps required you to root your Android or iOS device; however, FoxFi has caused a recent storm for Android users by bringing this convenient app to a variety of devices and let’s not mention the apps for iOS that allow the same option once jailbroken such as MyWi.

As long as there are users that believe that tethering should be part of their monthly data allowance there will be apps that allow it.  I have never understood why you have to add the mobile hotspot to your data plan in order to use the ability that your device has without it.

Bottom line:  Carriers, please wake up.  We will tether…for FREE.